Help those less fortunate by making a financial gift, volunteering or donating unused items to the City of Life Community Development Corporation.

Support Us


Hello Community Partners the City of Life Community Development Center’s mission is empowering communities by connecting resources to need.  Our Basic Needs, Housing Relief and Beyond the Classroom Programs are designed to support our community participants.  We are looking for partners to assist in our endeavors as we fulfill our mission.  Thank you in advance!

Your financial gift to City of Life helps us address our most vulnerable
populations – children, teenagers and low-income families. No gift is too
small or too large.

  • $15 will purchase USB drives for students or Blankets and toiletries for a Veteran’s Basic Needs kit
  • $20 will purchase turkeys for two family Thanksgiving dinners.
  •  $50 will provide a Basic Needs Kit
  •  $100 will provide Housing Utility Start-up Package
  • $500 will provide technology supplies and Laptops


Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways to use your talents and resources to give back.

  • Greeters for the Thrift Store (I’M H.O.M.E. Project)
  • Tutors for Adult Learners in the areas of Life Skills Coaching, Math and Language
  • Speaker, Mentors, and shadowing opportunities: all programs
  • Fundraising and Marketing Support: all programs


Donations of educational materials and supplies:

  • Binders
  • Pens, Pencils, Highlighters, Markers and USB drives
  • Folder and Notebooks
  • Computer software
  • Paper (copy paper and writing tablets)