What Is My Brother’s Keeper Health Initiative?

My Brother’s Keeper Health Initiative is an exciting new program that will give Church members the opportunity to assist and lend a helping hand to those less fortunate Brothers and Sisters.

What Is My Brother’s Keeper Health Initiative?

My Brother’s Health Initiative was conceived when Pastor Maynard himself lost his business after suffering a stroke. He could no longer afford the “co-pay” for his medications. When his sister became aware of his situation she secretly, in a selfless act, paid his “co-pay” and his medications continued to be shipped to him monthly, without interruption. Pastor Maynard’s dignity and health was kept intact.

Once on his feet Pastor Maynard approached PromiseCare Pharmacy and together they created My Brothers Keeper’s Health Initiative.

The program’s goal is to assist those who cannot afford medicine or pay their co pay when purchasing pharmaceuticals. This will be accomplished by setting up a Grace fund for each participating church.

How Does Grace Fund Work?

Each church will receive a start up fund and a percentage of ones purchase will Go towards the fund. The more people that participate the more assistance can be received by your brothers and sisters. Qualification for the grace fund is approved by participating church pastor, not by City of Life.

Membership Rewards

  • Membership card and instant enrollment into our loyality program
  • Quarterly report of your purchase activity
  • Quarterly report on contribution statement which shows your Church’s Contribution to the Grace Fund
  • HeartBeat Quarterly and FREE tote bag


Learn more about signing your church up for My Brother’s Keepers Program, call 877-899-8334 today.

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