Empowering Communities

The City of Life Community Develop Corporation seeks to help maximize the potential of individuals families and the local community.

About Us

City of Life Community Development Corporation’s Mission

Empowering communities by connecting resources to need


The City of Life Community Development Corporation began in 2000 from a vision of service to the community that would surpass the capacity of the local church to address the many prevalent social ills in the community. The visionary, Bishop Jerry L. Maynard, sought to establish a structure that would promote excellence in community service and service to individuals while minimizing risk. With passage of the Community Reinvestment Act and corporate tax credit laws, Bishop Maynard sought to participate in the opportunities being opened up for faith communities and non-profit organizations. He envisioned a community development corporation that would shelter some of the church’s outreach programs and include housing and other social services.

The CDC developed programs and services to implement its mission of helping to maximize the potential of individuals, families, and communities in Middle Tennessee. Initially several church ministries came under the umbrella of the CDC for structure and definition:

  • Boys to Men
  • Girls to Women
  • Word of Life Tutorial Program
  • Computer Lab
  • Conquering Co-Dependency Class
  • Financial Planning
  • Food & Clothing Bank
  • Mary & Martha Restoration Clinic
  • Out-of-School-Time Program

As the Corporation grew, ministries evolved into programs and/or became components of a program. In 2005, the Out-of-School-Time Program grew from a summer only experience, the Summer Enrichment Program, to include after-school services for children in kindergarten through the 6th grades, the mentoring activities of the Boys to Men and Girls to Women ministries, and tutoring services; the Mary & Martha Restoration Clinic incorporated computer classes and the Conquering Co-Dependency Class for its clients and homeless women from the community.

City of Life partnered with Bass Middle School in the spring semester of 2007 to provide an in-school mentoring program – “Skills for Life” for twenty-four (24) 7th and 8th grade students. The “Skills for Life” Mentoring Program continued for twelve (12) students two Saturdays a month at City of Life headquarters (Cathedral of Praise) during the 2008 school year.

In the summer of 2008, the SUCCESS Teens Program was developed for young teens 13 – 15 years of age to help them develop life skills, character, learn about volunteerism and how to manage a small sum of money.

CAMP (Christian Athletic Mentoring Program) came under the CDC umbrella in 2009 as a vehicle to encourage fitness and Christian fellowship. CAMP’s initial activities included a community golf league, cycling club and roller skating activities.

A strategic planning session, in the fall of 2010, resulted in an updated three year plan with new strategic directions, revised goals and mission statement that would allow the CDC to provide services beyond the Middle Tennessee border. The mission, empowering communities by connecting resources to need, permits the CDC to provide services in any state in the USA.


Passing the Baton

After 20 years of dynamic service our Executive Director Ms. Brenda Ramsey North retired December 2015. She has lead us in the creation of so many life changing programs that has fostered strength in our community ie… C.A.R.E. Core, Summer Enrichment, CAMP, The SUCCESS Teens Program and more. In January 2016 our new Executive Director Ms. Misha A. Maynard presented a new vision to further the initiatives of City of Life CDC. Since then the City of Life began a new venture. In May 2016 we saw an opportunity to maximize the potential of our Retired Armed Forces, Patriots and Adult Learners. So we developed two innovative Programs, “I’M H.O.M.E.” and “Beyond the Classroom Program” (BCP) under her leadership.

I’M H.O.M.E. is a service support to female veterans and reservist as they return back to the civilian life style. We help with Permanent Supportive Housing which provides medical, mental health and employment support through information, referral and follow-up

Housing Assistance will provide finances for late rent to prevent eviction or prevention of utility service interruption. Financial Education or training to help families acquire the skills that lead to financial stability.

Beyond the Classroom Program (BCP)

  • Computer Lab
  • Financial Planning
  • Tutorial Services
  • Life Skills Training

I’M H.O.M.E.

  • Permanent Supportive Housing
  • Food & Clothing Bank
  • Financial Education
  • Homelessness Prevention



In all of our activities, internal and external, we are committed to these values: Integrity, Respect, Honesty, Love, Responsibility, Hope, Accountability, Self-Sufficiency, Benevolence and Faith.


The City of Life Corporation envisions healthy, sustainable, economically viable communities characterized by continuous improvement in the quality of life for all citizens and model communities in which to live.